1″ Acrylic Photo Blocks Make For A Stunning Stand up Display (Hang Option Too!)

  • Beautifully Diamond Polished

    The sides of your 1″ acrylic blocks are beautifully diamond polished to crystal clear perfection.

  • 3D Color Pop & Vibrancy

    1″ thick acrylic and diamond polished edges creates unparalleled vibrancy.  The see through edges allow more light to refract within the acrylic, illuminating your image and creating a bit of a 3D effect.

  • No Direct Printing. Superior Face Mount Method Used.

    We don’t print directly to the acrylic.  The superior face mount method of printing to high grade paper (lustre or metallic) and adhering to the acrylic is used.  You look through the acrylic at your photo, offering a superior result with greater vibrancy and a wider color gamut.

  • Free Standing Or Hang It. Your Choice!

    The 1″ thick acrylic photo blocks stand on their own with no support required.  If you want to hang them on your wall you won’t find the option anywhere else but here!

  • NEW! More Sizes. Larger Sizes You Won’t Find Anywhere.

    You won’t find large acrylic blocks anywhere else!  Let us know if you do and we’ll match the price assuming it’s produced the same way.  Now offering 15×15, 15×10, 18×12, 20×15 and a new 20×6″ pano size.  See all sizes we offer in the pricing table below.

  • Shipped Anywhere In The World.

    The carefully packaged blocks are small enough to ship affordably anywhere in the world.

  • Handcrafted.

    Every block is 100% handcrafted in Seattle.  Stop by and say hi if you’re local!

  • Quick Turnaround.

    Your block(s) will ship out within 4-5 business days and we have a rush option which gets your order out the door in 24-48 hours.  Expedited shipping options available as well.