At Colorado Canopies, we are here to make sure that you get the best branding you can from any product you order. Whether you need to touch up an existing file to optimize it for print, insert a logo into one of our templates, or create a new design from scratch, our team can help. In fact, every single customer service representative has been trained in Adobe Illustrator (our design program of choice) to maximize our responsiveness to your art and design needs. Best thing, there is no charge for a basic design on any product you order.


Every product comes with a free layout for approval, there is not charge or commitment to see a layout of a canopy, flag or signage. Just email us your logo and let us know how we can help and we will get you a layout back usually within 24 hours!

Vectored Graphics

With most digital printing you will need your logo in a vectored EPS or AI format, if you don’t have one, no worries, let our team vector your logo for you! With a low starting price of $25.00 (price can increase with complexity) we will vector and turnaround the art in 24-48 hours. We offer this service even if you decide not to order any of our products.

Stock Background

We offer an extensive list of stock backgrounds, so if you are unsure what branding you need just look at the samples and we can add your logo, website, phone number or whatever you need to these custom background images. Just make sure you let us know which one you like when you send your logo over. Check back as we keep adding new designs!


Diamond Plate




Vintage Stripe


Carbon Fiber