A portable and modular display solution that can be altered for each event.

A variety of configurations
With the Expandable Grand Fabric system, you can easily create a unique display setup every time. Use the walls stand-alone or connect multiple back wall units to create a variety of different configurations for your display. Add storage and accessories such as spotlights, shelves and multimedia. Alter the configuration for each event.

Just as perfect for the large trade show as for the product launch in the mall!

Flexible and easy to transport
This modular and portable system is extremely flexible thanks to its lightweight aluminum structure. The lightweight system is easy to set up and dismantle and comes in a nylon bag with wheels that is easy to transport and pack in your car.

Add storage space for endless possibilities 

With the storage space, you can create a variety of configurations. 
The units that are used for building the storage can be connected to all of the Expandble Grand Fabric walls (every shape and size) – or used separately as stand-alone walls. This gives you even more configurations that you can use for future events.

Create spaces or a room with a roof

The modules can also be set up horizontally and be used as roof modules.
The different connectors and feet allow you to create spaces and rooms, i.e. if you want to have a lounge area or a meeting room in your stand for your customers and prospects.

Add a short barrier wall

Use a short return wall in your booth to create separation, without putting up a whole wall! Or use a series of barriers to create crowd-control around a display, like at a car show. You can also create a bull-pen for a consultation/seating area, or even a way-finding maze to advertise your brand while the crowd stands in line at your event.

Raise your brand with a hanging display

Communicate your message above the crowd.
Use our hanging ceiling displays to make sure to be seen at your event. Available in a triangular-, circular- and rectangular shape.

Create your Configuration
Mix and match the modules – available both straight and curved. All modules can be connected to one another with the different feet and connector options. Add the accessories you want – storage, shelves, spotlights, table and multimedia.

Easy Set Up

Just click the 4 frame parts together, pull over the pillow case fabric graphic over the frame. Zip up the zipper at the bottom and then attach the two feet and you are done.

Easy to Transport

The Expandable Grand Fabric fits into our Podium Case, a combined counter and transportation case on wheels. It can also be delivered in a nylon bag on wheels.

10′ & 20′ Grand Fabric Kits

  • Compact and easy to ship, kits come with lightweight, foldable fabric graphics
  • All configurations are complete, no extra parts needed and no hidden costs
  • Simple, streamlined set-up. Smart and easy-to-follow instructions using only one or zero tools
  • Wide range of accessories available, including shelves, brochure holders, lights, monitor holders and more