Dimensional letters that are the most effective and appropriate solution for many situations, including building, business and department identification. Our letters will stand the test of time, which is why, Colorado Canopies is your best choice. We provide our customers with high quality, competitively priced 3-dimensional building and wall letters. Whether used for interior or exterior purposes, you’ll appreciate our letters’ durability and guaranteed finishes that won’t chip, crack, fade or discolor. From cut and cast metals to plastic and acrylic, you’ll find exactly the right letters that fit your style, budget and purpose.

If you don’t see a font, color or material that you would like we can also do custom lettering and signs if you’re interested, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will make sure to get you what you want.


This lettering type is light weight and durable for outside use. It’s also extremely flexible to fit near any design. Again stud mounting is what you’ll find to be the most common way of installing this lettering. These beautiful letters have sharp, crisp edges and come in over 100 styles. Acrylic lettering comes in sizes from 2″ to over 6’! Stud mounting is an easy, secure mounting method as long as you follow the instructions closely. We recommend adding an installation pattern which is available on the cart page. When you receive your pattern it will show you exactly where to drill to make your sign perfectly level. Of course a perfect presentation is everything with any numbers or letters you choose. These letters make amazing acrylic signs.


Aluminum is great lettering for outdoor use and a long lasting look. Aluminum Letters are the perfect outdoor letters due to durability and beautiful finishes of the material. The great part is they will never rust or fade. Aluminum signage utilizes waterjets and lasers to precisely cut the lettering and numbers providing greater detail than routers. These beautiful letters have clean, crisp edges and come in many different styles such as brushed. The most common type of mounting you’ll find with aluminum letters for signs is stud mounting. The reason being is stud mounting is an easy, secure mounting method. Of course we recommend adding an installation pattern that you’ll find upon checking out. When you use the pattern it will show you exactly where to drill and how to place your letters.
As one of our more popular types, aluminum truly stands the test of time. If you have any questions about the application of this material then just send us a message or give us a call. We find many people are leaning towards aluminum but want clarification about how the letter holds up and if there is any deterioration. Beyond our guarantee using aluminum has many applications and should be strongly consider for a variety of signage.


Bronze Letters are an elegant addition to any office or outdoor sign. Bronze has a slightly more orange color then brass due to its alloy mix. Bronze lettering has a very unique style. It utilizes water-jets combined with lasers to perfectly cut the letters which provides much greater detail than other machines. These beautiful letters and numbers have clean, sharp edges and come in over 100 styles. The most common type of mounting for bronze is direct stud mounting. Stud mounting makes things very easy since it’s such a secure mounting method. Be sure to add an installation pattern which is available on the cart page. This will show you exactly where to drill to make your sign perfectly level.


Plastic letters come in a variety of fonts, colors and letter faces. The most common type of mounting that we see with plastic sign letters is stud mounting. This type of mounting is an secure method and also easy to install. We recommend using one of our many different installation packages. This will guide you through the process of drilling to make your sign level. Next all you’ll have to do is use 100% pure silicon and slide in your letters. It’s actually quite an easy process.

Our plastic lettering come with a lifetime warranty against fading, chipping and cracking. Plastic is the most common type of letter that we have the main reason being you can make it look like metal while being the price of plastic. If you want a color or font you do not see we can create any customs orders that you may need in plastic as well. Typically we can ship your order out in 3-4 business days and then 3-5 business days for shipping. We provide free shipping on all orders. These letters could be used for both interior and exterior lettering, also sizes ranges from 4” to 48” if you need bigger or smaller just contact us and we can create a custom order.