Who We Are

Colorado Canopies is a fun, creative event signage company with over 17 years experience in trade show and event marketing. Over 15 years ago I had the pleasure of working with both Jim Lynch and John Matthews, one invented the original pop up canopy and the other was the top leader in the industry. Unfortunately Jim passed many years ago and John has retired from the business. To say I learned from the best is an understatement and from this wealth of knowledge, Colorado Canopies was born.

What We Do

Staying true to our origins, we offer a heavy duty frame that is built to last and use only the best fabric and printing processes to produce both our canopies and event signage. We are a small company that values the relationships we build and we make sure that we are available to our clients 24/7 (we really mean 18/7, no one needs a canopy at 2 am on a Sunday morning, but if you need us, call us). Take our commitment and creativity and put it to work for you, we build a cohesive brand for you or for your clients, we do it on budget and on time but mostly we have fun creating something unique!

History of the Pop Up Canopy

In 1984, with Denver sliding into its worst recession ever, former aircraft engineer Jim Lynch decided to go into the tent business. Not the camping variety, but those colorful, logo-emblazoned, canopy-style numbers that corporations now set up at such festivals as the Super Bowl. A divorce had left Lynch with less than $10,000, not much for a manufacturing start-up, and lenders wouldn’t touch him. “He had no money and a product without a proven market,” recalls John Matthews, his would-be banker.

Determined, Lynch licensed his idea to Denver’s M&M Specialties, a troubled manufacturer of exercise trampolines, and went to work there himself. When M&M failed — Taiwan had radically undercut its prices — it was banker Matthews who managed its liquidation. Lynch scraped together $12,000 — half from an investor — and went after the gear he’d need to open his own shop: industrial sewing machines, welding equipment, specialized drill presses.

“I got that stuff at 17¢ on the dollar,” says Lynch, who presided over a local canopy manufacturer, a $3-million company. His operations chief, it’s interesting to note, was none other than John Matthews. This was the birth of the original pop up canopy.

Did you know the first canopy was made out of chrome plated steel and was called the Imperial. It weighed almost 100 lbs and there are still clients using the same frame today! We have come a long way since then and now offer frames in both steel and commercial grade aluminum. We are a family owned business and when you work with us, you become a part of that family.


As the years past and our clients asked more of us we started producing many other products that are in line with what we do. At this point we can almost print on anything, we have surrounded ourselves with amazing people and vendors that are leaders in the industry. If we cannot print what you need, then we can have a vendor who does and we will stand behind each and every product that leaves our building. Let us be your one stop shop for everything you need for your next event, with Colorado Canopies, we are not just canopies anymore!